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The Benefits of Construction Plans in Canada

We always mention to our clients, that the acquisition of a comprehensive set of engineered construction plans stands as an invaluable asset for projects of varying scope and scale. Be it a bespoke private residence, a transformative home renovation, or even a charming vacation abode, these meticulously crafted plans bestow upon stakeholders a lucid roadmap for the realization of their ventures.

Building Cost Benefits of Construction Plans in Canada

Additionally, with a complete set of construction plans from Myles Nelson McKenzie Design, you can get as they say,  “Apple to Apple” construction pricing from the many different building contractors. Construction pricing that is comparable to one another. You will be able to see 2-3 builders that have similar pricing and 1-2  builders that are way high or way low in pricing. It’s usually because they are too busy or they are eager to get the job and will bill in extras .

“Apple to Oranges” construction pricing, usually means that the clients will receive a variety of construction pricing with no similarity.

This is primarily because they have inadequate construction plan documentation or no construction plans at all! 

Contractors, builders will always have uncertainty, if they do not know exactly what or how the project scope is really suppose to be built.

Construction plans for new homes, renovations.

Ideas, images, preliminary drawings all paint a good picture, but in the end with the current building codes, a completed set of construction plans really provides a clear picture to obtain the real building cost.

Contact us today at Myles Nelson McKenzie Design of Canada. We would look forward to developing accurate buildable construction plans for your custom home, home renovation, or vacation cottage.

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