Small Home Renovation and Addition. Bengough Saskatchewan Canada-Rear Exterior Elevations

Small Home Renovation and Addition

A small home renovation design was meticulously developed by Myles Nelson McKenzie Design-Canada, in the town of Bengough, Saskatchewan, Canada. This project encompassed the renovation of a modest house, complemented by a thoughtfully designed rear second-floor room addition.

The original dwelling boasted a rich history of over a century. A preliminary examination revealed that the old home remained in relatively favorable condition, except for a previous rear kitchen extension. Regrettably, the structural integrity of said extension proved to be severely compromised. Therefore, a prudent decision was made to dismantle the dilapidated rear kitchen and initiate its reconstruction, alongside the addition of a sophisticated master suite above.

Furthermore, comprehensive enhancement of the electrical, water, and natural gas systems was diligently incorporated throughout the architectural blueprint.

Along with the extensive small home renovation, a large rear deck with and outdoor fireplace was developed for this particular small town property. A new art studio, tool shed and a large 2-car garage was designed for rear area this property in Bengough.

The small-scale residential renovation design project was artfully crafted and executed under the expertise of Myles Nelson McKenzie Design, based in Canada.

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Myles Nelson McKenzie Design operates design studios in Bluffton, South Carolina, as well as in Las Vegas, Nevada.


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