George Row House-Toronto-Front Elevation-Myles Nelson McKenzie Design

Toronto-Modern Row House Design

Our example of a contemporary rowhouse design tailored for our clients in Toronto, Canada. Emphasizing modern living within a compact space, the design accounts for the inherent challenges associated with small-scale row houses. In many instances, extensive renovation work is required to ensure that the home meets the specific requirements of its owners. In some cases, complete demolition may be necessary, particularly when structural integrity has been compromised due to issues such as rot or damaged materials.

In such instances, we exert diligent effort to conceptualize a rowhouse that would harmonize with its surroundings or aptly adhere to the established architectural guidelines of the area.

Primary Design Features

The primary objective of the new rowhouse design was to position the master suite in close proximity to the rear yard patio, ensuring effortless access during the warmer months of the year. Furthermore, the intention was to enable the owners to relish their rear patio and yard without the need to ascend a flight of stairs to their master suite. The main floor encompasses the garage, entry hall, and a storage closet as well.

George Row House-Toronto-Floor Plans-Designed by Myles Nelson McKenzie Design.

1st Floor Plan

  • D – Driveway
  • E – Entry
  • H – Front Hall
  • C – Front Closet
  • S – Front Storage Closet
  • G – Front Garage
  • D – Den/Nursery
  • P – Covered Patio & Open Rear Yard Patio
  • MB – Master Bedroom
  • B – Master Bath
  • C – Master Closet

2nd Floor Plan

  • B2 – Front Guest Bedroom
  • B – Bath 2
  • C – Closet 2
  • H – Front Hall
  • P – Powder Room
  • K – Kitchen
  • GR – Great Room
  • O – Office/Media Room
  • P – Covered Patio

2nd Floor Features

The kitchen was strategically positioned at the heart of the upper second floor, serving as a unifying element connecting the grand room/dining area, the office, and the rear covered patio space.

The guest bedroom suite, also known as the second bedroom, is situated at the forefront of the residence.

Exterior Elevations

The residence has been meticulously fashioned in a modern contemporary architectural style, while tastefully incorporating elements reminiscent of the classical rowhouse. Carefully chosen materials, including the incorporation of red brick, have been thoughtfully utilized to enhance the overall modern aesthetic of the home.

George Row House-Toronto-Rear Elevation-Myles Nelson McKenzie Design

Myles Nelson McKenzie Design is a forward-thinking design firm that focuses on designing and creating extraordinary spaces. Our design and engineering team provides a complete one-stop connection for our clients. Our strength is listening to our client’s needs and developing a custom designed residence that are an expression of their lifestyle and stylistic preferences.

Myles Nelson McKenzie Design caters to a diverse range of projects in Canada, including new home designs, home renovations, studios, and barn designs. We specialize in providing bespoke and personalized home design solutions to meet the unique requirements of our clients.

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