Vacation Cottage-Newborn Lake, Ontario

Vacation Cottage-Newborn Lake, Ontario designed by Myles Nelson McKenzie Design of Canada

A tiny custom vacation cottage house was designed for a client in the rural lake community in Newborn Lake, Ontario. This vacation cottage was designed by Myles Nelson McKenzie Design of Canada.

Custom Vacation Cottage Features

The custom vacation cottage design from Myles Nelson McKenzie Design consists of a large front entry porch, living room and a full size kitchen. It also has one bedroom with a full size large bathroom. Their is a second floor loft that could be used for storage. And with an addition of a accessible window, it could also be used for a secondary bedroom. Access to the second floor loft is by the means of ship ladder.

The size of this custom vacation cottage home design for our clients in Newborn Lake, Ontario is 400 square feet. Additionally, the second floor loft space is 176 square feet. Which combined with the main small vacation cottage home design, it then makes the total livable space of 576 square feet.


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Small House-Regina Beach, Saskatchewan

Small House Design-Left Elevation | Regina Beach, Saskatchewan

A custom small house design for a vacation property in Regina Beach, Saskatchewan. At Myles Nelson McKenzie Design in Canada, we have enjoy working with our clients and developing a small house design to meet their needs. This vacation property is very close to being in the center of the town of Regina Beach.

The small town lot size is 50 ft by 125 ft deep, which is a common lot size. The exterior materials for our small house design is uneven wood shakes and vertical corrugated metal siding. The project design has a large surrounding deck that has tempered glass panels. This is so that the property view to the lake is not block by wooden balusters. The large deck space will be great for those weekend barbecues!

The existing property landscape will be cleared out as needed. A new low maintenance landscape design will be created for the property.

A Few Design Features Of The Small House

Our proposed one story custom small house has a open floor plan. Consisting of a living room with a full size kitchen adjacent to it. Also a full size bathroom is located off the entry and kitchen area. The home design has a large bedroom with a very large closet. The stacked laundry machines are located in the closet as well.

Their is a second floor loft that can serve for storage or a secondly bedroom. It is accessible by a ship ladder from the main floor level. It is located in front of the bathroom entry. For this particular home design, we have develop a large surrounding deck with glass panels for the handrail frame.

The size of this custom small house design for our clients vacation property in Regina Beach, Saskatchewan is 651 square feet for the main floor. The loft space is 165 square feet.