Design Process-Myles Nelson McKenzie Design-Canada

Their are three steps to our design and construction plan documentation process.

The following is what you can expect for residential and commercial design projects that are developed for construction documentation from Myles Nelson McKenzie Design-Canada.

Myles Nelson McKenzie Design-Canada | Construction Plan Review

1) Project Proposal & Development – Phase one includes an initial meeting with the client and or the project Builder at said property. At that time, they will outline their desires for the project design. We will offer possible design suggestions. Review and examine all restrictions inherent to the project lot with the local city and or municipal districts planning & building departments.

2) Concept Design Development – We will provide a preliminary design concept plan based upon our discussion together of the project with the client or builder. The floor plans will be generated along with a site plan and exterior relevant elevations. The approximate room sizes and  square footage will be presented. Upon reviewing the revisions of the concept design plan and the client approval of them, we move forward to the project construction documents.

Myles Nelson McKenzie Design-Canada Construction Plans

3) Construction Documents – At this point design development is completed. Their maybe a few minor changes by the owner or builder. But it’s time to start the construction documents. Any required engineering will start at this point as well. The completed plans will include the project notes, dimensions, details, and sections for the project plans.

The Design Process is now completed! It’s time to take the construction plans and all other required documents into the local governing building department for review and the receiving of your building permit.