Vacation Cottage-Newborn Lake, Ontario designed by Myles Nelson McKenzie Design of Canada

Vacation Cottage-Newborn Lake, Ontario

A tiny custom vacation cottage house was designed for a client in the rural lake community in Newborn Lake, Ontario. This vacation cottage was designed by Myles Nelson McKenzie Design of Canada. Custom Vacation Cottage Features The custom vacation cottage design from Myles Nelson McKenzie Design consists of a large front entry porch, living room and…

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Front Elevation Plans-Custom Home | Virden, Manitoba Canada

Custom Home-Virden, Manitoba

At Myles Nelson McKenzie Design in Canada, we had clients that were wanting a custom home design for a property in Virden, Manitoba. This property is very close to being in the center of the town of Virden. The lot size for the new home design is 50 ft by 125 ft deep. A decent size…

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