Vacation Cottage-Newborn Lake, Ontario

Vacation Cottage-Newborn Lake, Ontario designed by Myles Nelson McKenzie Design of Canada

A tiny custom vacation cottage house was designed for a client in the rural lake community in Newborn Lake, Ontario. This vacation cottage was¬†designed by Myles Nelson McKenzie Design of Canada. Custom Vacation Cottage Features The custom vacation cottage design from Myles Nelson McKenzie Design consists of a large front entry porch, living room and … Continue reading Vacation Cottage-Newborn Lake, Ontario

Small House-Regina Beach, Saskatchewan

Small House Design-Left Elevation | Regina Beach, Saskatchewan

A custom small house design for a vacation property in Regina Beach, Saskatchewan. At Myles Nelson McKenzie Design in Canada, we have enjoy working with our clients and developing a small house design to meet their needs. This vacation property is very close to being in the center of the town of Regina Beach. The … Continue reading Small House-Regina Beach, Saskatchewan