Small Home Renovation and Addition

Small Home Renovation and Addition. Bengough Saskatchewan Canada-Exterior Elevations

In the Canadian town of Bengough Saskatchewan, a small home renovation design was developed with a second floor rear room addition.

The existing small home was over a 100 years old. Upon early inspection, the old residence was in fairly good shape other than an rear kitchen addition.

The earlier rear kitchen addition was in pretty bad shape, structurally. So it was determined that the rear kitchen would be demolished and then rebuilt along with a new master suite addition above it. New proposed electrical, water system and natural gas service was added thru out the residential design.

Along with the extensive small home renovation, a large rear deck with and outdoor fireplace was developed for this particular small town property. A new art studio, tool shed and a large 2-car garage was designed for rear area this property in Bengough.

The small home renovation design project was designed and develop by Myles Nelson McKenzie Design of Canada.

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